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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Attracting traffic to you site is good, attracting the right traffic is key. SEO and driving site traffic is multi faceted there are many factors and not one simple miracle solution. 

The best way to start is with site architecture that is SEO friendly out of the box! Thats where Silverstripe and Magento come in there are many Search Engine Optimisation features that are included as well as being fully accessibility compliant. So start on the right foot, but we know that the site architecture is only the start of the process, SEO campaign will consist of:


This will be content, Meta tags etc,

Off site:

  • Inbound linking
  • Directory Listings
  • Social Media
  • Google Local Listings

It also boasts a friendly URL system allowing your client to input search engine friendly URL extensions. In addition to that it’s Google and Yahoo verified as standard and Google Analytics is installed to provide detailed website statistics. If that wasn’t enough, it hosted in the UK with Rackspace.

It's critical for your website to have good placement in search engines because your website is a vital part of your clients business.

There are three factors that determine your search-engine ranking—

  1. The relevance of your content
  2. The way your site is built
  3. Inbound links to your site.

We know that if it works for you, then you will work with us.

SilverStripe CMS provides the critical foundation "the way your site is built" offering many search-engine optimised features out of the box, such as friendly URLs, clean and semantic HTML, separation of content and design, and the ability to manage metadata. Additionally, your site’s performance contributes to how highly it ranks in search results.

Once the site is built we can offer an ongoing Web Optimisation and promotion service. This consists of keyword analysis, competitor analysis and back link building. The service will Guarantee a top 10 place in Google for one search term.

The Process

Step 1: Find the best keywords

Grab every keyword that is relevant to your site, and analise the competition, we will produce a report that looks at you site or keywords and your real and online competition.

We will also use this information to indicate core navigation titles and key word density of the copy content.

Step 2: Optimize your web pages

We look at the site / proposed site and make any suggestions to improve the site structure and content based on the keywords above.

We use title and meta tags, a sitemap and natural-word URLs, create a clean thats as friendly as posible to Search Engines

Step 3: Optimize your inbound links 

Quality links to your site plays a huge role in how high your site will rank in the search engines.

There are 3 types inbound links

  1. Registration with Search Engines
  2. Submision to Directories
  3. Social Links / Other sites not directories

Registration with Search Engines
We will make sure that the site is listed on all free Search Engines (Google, Yahoo etc)

Submision to Directories
We will establish where your competitiors are get there inbound links from and can suggest duplication.
We will managge the submission to the selected directories (some may be paid and will be billed as aditions)

Social Links / Other sites not directories
We Develop a good web 2.0 link building strategy and start generating links from sites like Digg, Propeller StumbleUpon, Hub Pages, EzineArticles, and Blogger.

Step 4: Submit your website

Once you are getting traffic to your site we will analyze your stats. 

After awhile, you’ll be amazed at the number of keywords being used to find your site that you didn’t even create content around because you didn’t find that keyword or they keyword tools said they would get very little traffic.

We can now you can build more content around those keywords for even more traffic!

The costs are based on average competition for Keywords.

  • Items 1-2 are onsite and one off costs
  • Items 2-3 are ongoing with a decreasing amount of time as the site increase in performace
  • Items1-2 One off cost per site £525.00
  • Items 2-3 This is a one off cost untill we achieve the agreed results. We will invoice 50% on the start and the balace on success £525.00
  • Items 3-4 ongoing (every quarter) Once we have achived the agreed results this is the cost per month to report and maintain / improve the sites performance - Per quarter £90.00

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